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acoustic tile ideas

10 Acoustic Tile Ideas for Soundproofing and Decor

Transforming your space with unique acoustic tile ideas can do wonders for both soundproofing and aesthetic appeal.

Whether you’re looking to create a quiet home office, a cosy living room, or a professional meeting room, acoustic tiles offer a stylish solution.

Here, we present ten innovative acoustic tile ideas that combine functionality with modern design.

Let’s explore some creative solutions and see how they can enhance your space.

Hexagonal Harmony

living room with grey and white hexagonal acoustic panels
An elegant sea of hexagons in a modern living room (Image credit: The Acoustics Company)

Hexagonal acoustic tiles bring a modern geometric flair to any room. The varied shades of grey create a visually appealing pattern while effectively absorbing sound. This design is perfect for living rooms or lounges, adding both texture and sophistication. The hexagonal shapes can be arranged in various patterns, making it a versatile choice for different aesthetics.

Concentric Circles

a conference room with grey acoustic wall tiles
Acoustic tiles can also enhance a conference room’s ambience (Image credit: GB Acoustics)

For a sleek and professional look, consider acoustic tiles with concentric circle designs. They not only reduce noise but also add a touch of elegance to your workspace.

The subtle grey tones blend seamlessly with contemporary office furniture, making them ideal for boardrooms or conference areas. The circular patterns create a calming visual effect, perfect for maintaining focus during meetings.

3D Sculptural Tiles

modern meeting space with sleek furniture, designed with acoustic wall panels
Stylish 3D acoustic tiles enhance meeting areas (Image credit: Scandinavian Spaces)

Bring depth and dimension to your walls with 3D sculptural acoustic tiles. Overlapping circular designs add an artistic element to any space. Ideal for conference rooms or creative studios, 3D acoustic tiles not only improve acoustics but also serve as a striking focal point. The play of light and shadow on the 3D surfaces enhances the room’s ambience.

Modern Open Office

bright and airy office space with acoustic wall tiles
Acoustic wall tiles enhance the professional look of this workspace (Image credit: Dezeen)

Maintaining a balance between collaborative and quiet spaces can be challenging in open office settings. 3D acoustic tiles, like the ones shown here, help create designated areas without disrupting the overall flow. They add a contemporary aesthetic and reduce ambient noise, enhancing overall productivity.

Chic Lounge Space

stylish lounge featuring sleek grey furnishings and acoustic wall tiles
Perfect blend of functionality and style (Image credit: Primacoustic)

Create a chic and cosy lounge area with acoustic tile ideas that combine different textures and tones. They not only provide sound insulation but also add a touch of elegance to the room.

Perfect for lobbies or reception areas, the mix of dark and light panels creates a dynamic yet sophisticated look. The acoustic properties ensure that the space remains serene and welcoming.

Vibrant Home Office

workspace ambiance enhanced by blue and white acoustic hexagonal wall tiles
Chic blue and white acoustic tiles add flair to this home office (Image credit: Pinterest)

Brighten up your home office with colourful hexagonal acoustic tiles. The mix of blues, greys, and whites adds a dynamic and cheerful atmosphere, making work hours more enjoyable.

Colourful acoustic tiles are not only visually striking but also highly effective at absorbing sound, creating a quiet and focused workspace. Perfect for anyone looking to add a pop of colour while maintaining a professional environment.

Ultimate Home Theatre

white couch in modern home theatre with large projector screen
Stylish acoustic tiles bring character to any home cinema (Image credit: Coleccion Alexandra)

Transform your home theatre into a luxurious retreat with sophisticated grey chevron acoustic wall tiles. Expertly crafted to enhance sound quality and reduce echo, acoustic tiles are perfect for creating a serene and comfortable environment. The intricate chevron pattern adds a contemporary touch, seamlessly blending style and functionality.

Modern Minimalist

spacious living area with blue acoustic wall tiles
Bold contrast between blue acoustic wall tiles and red rug (Image credit: Burton Acoustix)

For a minimalist yet stylish look, opt for simple square acoustic tiles in soft, muted tones. They’re perfect for creating a serene and modern space, whether it’s a reading nook or a study area. The clean lines and uniformity add a sense of order and calm, making the room feel both spacious and cosy.

Vertical Stripes

striped acoustic wall tiles complementing a white sofa in a room
Striped acoustic tiles add practicality and style to this white couch setup (Image credit: GB Acoustics)

Vertical striped acoustic tiles not only help reduce noise but also elongate the appearance of the room, making it feel taller and more open. Perfect for living rooms or lounges, the vertical stripes bring a contemporary and refined look to your space.

Bright and Bold

acoustic tile ideas
Contemporary design with a pop of colour (Image credit: iQ Workspace)

Bring energy and vibrancy to your space with bright yellow acoustic tile ideas—excellent for areas where creativity and inspiration are key, such as studios or brainstorming rooms. The bold colour lifts the mood and stimulates productivity, while the acoustic properties ensure a peaceful environment.


Do Acoustic Tiles Really Work?

Yes, acoustic tiles are highly effective at reducing noise and echo within a room. They are designed to absorb sound waves, improving the overall acoustics of a space.

Whether you’re using them in a home office, a theatre room, or an open-plan workspace, acoustic tiles can significantly reduce unwanted noise and enhance sound quality.

What Is the Disadvantage of Acoustic Tiles?

One potential disadvantage of acoustic tiles is that they can be more expensive than standard tiles due to their specialised materials and construction.

Additionally, some designs may require professional installation, adding to the cost. However, the benefits of improved sound quality and aesthetic appeal often outweigh these drawbacks.

Where Is the Best Place to Put Acoustic Tiles?

The best place to install acoustic tiles is on walls and ceilings where sound reflection is most likely to occur. For instance, in a home theatre, placing tiles on the walls and ceiling around the seating area can enhance the audio experience.

Strategic placement on walls and ceilings in offices or open spaces can help reduce overall noise levels and create a more comfortable environment.


Acoustic tiles are an excellent solution for anyone looking to improve sound quality and add a stylish touch to their interiors.

From vibrant home offices to serene lounges, acoustic tiles offer both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

By choosing the right design and placement, you can transform any room into a quieter, more enjoyable space.

Whether for work or leisure, acoustic tiles are a valuable addition to any home or office.